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Welcome to residential school

Each year over 15,000 OU students attend residential schools in over 40 locations in the UK and Europe. Our feedback shows that the vast majority really enjoy the experience and derive great benefit from the teaching. If you�re struggling with any aspects of your module, meeting other students at residential school can help you realise that you are not alone � and working alongside your fellow students can be a great boost to your learning. It�s also a great way to make new friends! This document gives you important information about your residential school. We suggest you read it through now and take it with you to refer to while you are there. We hope you enjoy your residential school and find it an enriching experience.

Your attendance requirements

Residential schools: You must attend the whole of your school to achieve a full attendance mark. Incomplete attendance can affect your module credit. If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend all or part of the school, contact the Residential Schools Team before the school begins. If you have problems during the school that may affect your attendance, ask for advice from your module director immediately. If you are studying a 30 or 60 credits module and cannot attend any of the schools you will need to book a place on the alternative learning experience (ALE) instead. Contact the Residential Schools Team for advice. You must participate in either the residential school or the ALE to gain the module credit. There is no ALE for (XR) residential school modules (10 and 15 credits), so you will not gain the module credit if you do not attend the school. Contact your regional or national centre for advice or phone the Student Registration & Enquiry Service on +44 (0)845 300 6090.

T216 day school: Satisfactory attendance at one day school from each block (a total of four schools) is required to gain credit for this module and gain the completion certificates from Cisco. If you cannot attend a day school you will need to book a place on the online alternative learning experience (ALE). Again, whilst the ALE will enable you to continue with your Open University studies it will not allow you to take the Cisco examination.

T824, T826 & T827 day schools: Satisfactory attendance at the day school is required to gain credit for this module. If you cannot attend a day school you will need to book a place on the online alternative learning experience (ALE).

To change your booking
To change your booking to another week, contact the Residential Schools Team on +44 (0)1908 653 235, or email as soon as possible.

Equality and diversity

The Open University aims to provide high quality university education to all, regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation. Prejudice, bullying, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated. The Open University has a Code of Practice for dealing with all forms of harassment. Copies of the code are published on our website at and are available in the school office. If you experience or witness any form of harassment, do not put up with it. Talk to a member of staff. To find out more about equality and diversity at The Open University visit

Consideration of others

In line with The Open University�s policy on smoking, all areas of the school are no smoking. There may be designated outside areas at the venue where smoking is permitted.

Please be considerate to others by making as little noise as possible in or near the bedrooms between 23:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs.

Health and safety

The Open University recognises its responsibility for providing a safe and healthy workplace and work environment. While at the school you must comply with appropriate legal requirements, the University Health and Safety Policy, guidance issued by enforcing authorities, host site health and safety arrangements and instructions given by supervisory staff to ensure personal safety. Please take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others affected by you. Inform the module director of any situation which may be a threat to health and safety or of any inadequate health and safety arrangements. Make yourself aware of local health and safety arrangements and emergency procedures. Do not damage, misuse or interfere with anything that has been provided for health and safety reasons.

Personal security
Please take normal precautions to ensure your own personal safety and security. Do not take any unnecessary valuables with you. Keep the door to your room locked at all times and any valuables out of sight. Keep ground floor windows shut. Report broken locks immediately. When moving around the site at night, keep to well-lit paths and roads and to walk in pairs or in a group. Neither The Open University nor the site accepts responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal property.

Fire and emergency
Instructions on what to do in the event of fire are posted in all bedrooms and in the teaching accommodation. Read these on arrival so that you know what to do in an emergency. Fire alarms must be taken seriously. In the event of an accident or dangerous occurrence, contact the school administrator or module director immediately. You will be expected to provide full details of the incident and the names of any witnesses. The Open University does not automatically accept responsibility for the consequences of an accident.

Accident recording
In the event of an accident, details will be recorded (and kept for five years) to meet statutory obligations. We are required to report certain accidents under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases, and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995. In all other instances, information which identifies will only be disclosed with your consent. We are obliged however to disclose details, including personal information, to our insurers. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right of access to your personal data. Make requests to the Data Protection Co-ordinator, PO Box 497, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AT.


The Open University carries the usual liability insurance cover, but this does not indemnify you regarding your personal legal liabilities. The Open University is not insured against loss, damage or theft of your personal property. Please check that your property is insured when it is away from your home. If you bring a motor vehicle to a school you are responsible for ensuring that it is adequately insured. The Open University does not insure staff or students� private motor vehicles and is not responsible for loss or damage arising from accident, vandalism or theft, unless negligence is proven. Any personal property and motor vehicles that you take to school must not present any danger, hazard or nuisance to the host institution, The Open University or any other person. Any property that you take there will be at your own risk. Any injury, death, loss, damage or nuisance caused by your personal property or motor vehicle will be your responsibility.

Travel insurance, medical insurance and visas
If you are attending a school outside your normal country of residence, you must take out adequate medical and travel insurance before attending the school.

Residents of the European Economic Area are entitled to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). UK residents can apply for an EHIC at the Post Office, online at or by phone on +44 (0)845 606 2030. The EHIC entitles you to free or reduced-cost medical treatment deemed necessary during your stay. If you need a visa for travel, it is your responsibility to apply for and obtain it.

Off-site visits
Off-site visits are undertaken at your own risk and are subject to the conditions imposed by the Site Owners. Site Owners may seek to exclude or restrict their liability to the extent that it is lawful to do so. The Open University has Public and Employer�s Liability Insurance. It does not maintain Personal Accident Cover for students.

Job seeker�s allowance

If the school is a requirement of the module, students may continue to receive UK Job Seeker�s Allowance (UK schools only). You should inform your Employment Service Adviser before the start of the school, and they can also provide advice if the school is outside the UK.


The Residential Schools Team aims to provide appropriate, accurate and timely information and guidance about schools. Our statement of service is available in print and on our website at We welcome any comments you may have which could help us to improve our services. Please contact us through our website or by writing to us at: Residential Schools Team, The Open University, Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BY.

Confidentiality of personal data

Some personal data about students at school is kept to provide the best possible service. This data is usually only accessed by authorised University staff or representatives. However, selected school venue staff do sometimes need access to data, such as student names, addresses and contact information � typically in a �joining list� needed for student registration and held by the venue for health and safety reasons.

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