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    Residential Schools

A residential school not only gives you a better understanding of your module it also boosts your confidence, gives fresh impetus to your studies and provides great opportunities for making new friends and study partners.

Here are some of our students' comments.

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back to topBusiness and Management

Residential school of this module was also an unforgettable event and one gains great insight into areas of psychology. I can only highly recommend this module.
Creativity, Innovation and Change - B822

Interesting and challenging and all brought together nicely in the residential school. This is what I went into the MBA for!
Strategy - B820

back to topHumanities: Arts, Languages, History

I found this short summer school philosophy module stimulating and exciting with the opportunity to engage in philosophical discussion on a face to face basis particularly useful in a wider philosophical study.
Doing Philosophy - AXR271

The summer school was absolutely fantastic, the pace and variety of work being interesting and fun, a good mix of group classroom work and going out into the community.
Nouvel Envol - L211

Entertaining, stimulating and well worth the effort. Programme is full, but everything is well-organized and the enthusiasm of tutors and staff adds to the experience.
Total War and Social Change: Europe 1914 - 1955 - AXR312

If you are able, I would highly recommend attending the residential school in Spain. The whole experience was first class. The tutors could not do enough to help. Fellow students and the academic and social experience was far better than I had hoped for. Fantastic.
Viento en popa: Moving on in Spanish - L204

back to topPsychology, Philosophy, Politics, Economics

I would also recommend the residential school experience to anyone who is uncertain of it. It is a great opportunity to meet other students and to get away from your everyday stresses and really focus on the subject.
Exploring Psychology Project - DXR222

back to topSciences

This was a fantastic summer school and really helped bring everything together from the text.
Ancient Mountains: Practical Geology in Scotland - SXR339

The highlight of the course is the field study week, best residential school I have attended. You get all the practical skills needed for your project with plenty of outdoor work, lab work and not forgetting those lovely statistics.
Ecology - S328

The locations on this module had some spectacular geology and were very interesting. I was not looking forward to the group exercises, but this proved to be very rewarding and I felt I gained a lot from being part of a small group working together. I have been to 6 Summer Schools in the course of my degree, and this was one of the best.
Environmental Change: The Record in the Rocks - SXR369

This is a great residential module. I went there expecting to hate the plants section and it turned out to be the most interesting! It was quite intensive, but well worth the effort.
Investigative Biology - SXR270

Wow! What a module! Hard work (to the point of exhaustion, sleep when you get back home) but immensely rewarding for the wannabe astronomer - access to professional-level astronomy equipment, helpful tutors, powerful analytical software, all you need is clear skies (not necessarily guaranteed) and your dreams are answered. And all within the congenial climate and surroundings of Majorca for a week.
Observing the Universe - SXR208

Great fun! My first summer school. I really enjoyed the hands on lab work. It was great how the subjects tied together to give a bigger picture of each area we studied.
Practising Science - SXR103

What a fantastic week! I felt like a full-time science student! Experimental work and field trips gave a taster of all fields of science really well. Excellent tutors were an inspiration.
Practising Science - SXR103

The best summer school ever! Finally all the information in the module books for S260 fell into place.
The Geological History of the British Isles - SXR260

back to topTechnology, Engineering and Manufacturing

Absolutely excellent. You simply cannot fail to learn bucket loads of useful stuff, cement ideas in place from other OU technology modules and overall benefit immensely. Every day is different but complete in itself. Staff are excellent, accommodation excellent, students gel well (you're all in the same boat). Hard work, intense, but highly recommended.
Engineering in Action - TXR220

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